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Repair Or Resurface
Your Garage Floor

Quality Floors That Are
Guaranteed To Last


Industrial Strength

Whether in an industrial setting or a home garage

One-Day Installation

Our floor coating can be installed in one day resulting in very little down time for your business or garage

High-Tech Polyaspartic

We produce a professional industrial grade coating

No Chemical Odors

Installation is an odorless process

Forget Epoxy Coatings,
do the OX Garage Floors instead

Get OX's best solution, get the ox floors:

  • Durable - Home life warranty
  • Fast curing - Three-hour cure rate, back to your floor the same day
  • UV-resistant - Non-yellowing and does not fade or peel with sun exposure
  • Five times more resistant - Resists oil, paint and gas stains, acid and hot tires without detaching
  • No odor - formula and super easy to clean

Epoxy CONS you can't risk yourself to:

  • Cracks and chips - on high impact areas
  • Temporary coating solution - Will fade, yellow and detach
  • Long drying time - Up to 2 weeks to cure
  • Gives off fumes during cure time - Releases strong toxic odor until it completely dries up
  • Hot-tire pick up - Big chunks of epoxy will come off and get stuck to hot tires

Know the benefits

More than just a New Garage Floor, learn what OX offers

Back on your floor the same day
No oil or gas stains will soak in
Nothing sticks to it, not even paint

100% Solid, Hard and Tough
Dustless and Odorless
Glossy Finish


Choose Quality, Choose Us

Eliminate cracks forever
Why trust OX Floors coatings?

A Coating Close-Up

What does the OX Garage Floor Coating look like?

The floor coating company you were looking for:

Ox Floors uses the appropriate diamond blades for the prep work

Eliminate all cracks
in the process

We never use
homeowners power
supply.We bring our own

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Polyaspartic floor the best coating for my garage?
  • Temperature resistant – performs at -30° Fahrenheit to +140° Fahrenheit.
  • Fast curing – five times faster than Epoxy.
  • UV-resistant – polyaspartics are non-yellowing and do not fade or peel with sun exposure.
  • Stain-resistant – protective layer resists stains and is easy to clean.
  • Deeply penetrating – “soaks into” concrete for longer service life.
  • Durable – dries hard, but maintains some flexibility.
  • Decorative – select color and chip options for a customized appearance.
  • Low VOC and odor from out-gassing.
  • 3 hours cure rate.
  • No odor formula.
Epoxy or the Polyaspartic floor?

Though epoxy coatings exhibit much thinner cured-film thickness, the ox floor offer a number of unique advantages over epoxies. Increased Impact and Abrasion Resistance: Polyurethane resemblances show excellent impact and abrasion resistance, providing up to four times longer life than uncoated epoxy floors.

What is the Polyaspartic floors work process like?
  • Grinding – We use top of the line grinders with special vacuum attachments to ensure there is no concrete dust for you to clean up afterward.
  • Repairing – Filling cracks in the concrete, dents and spalling, or skim coating, the crew will fix all repairs with a concrete-like mender.
  • Smoothing – Once the mender dries, we will go over it with the grinder to smooth everything out.
  • Base Layer – Rolling on the first layer, we use polyurea, a glue like for the vinyl paint chips to adhere to.
  • Chips Layer – The next layer of the coating that provide color and texture, completing up to one and a half layers.
  • Scraping – To remove away the excess.
  • The ox floor Layer – applied with a squeegee, the entire surface and every square foot will be nice and even.
How soon can you walk on an Polyaspartic floor?

It will take about 24 hours to dry before you can park your car and put all of your belongings back into the garage.

Take a look at the reviews
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Ronald Bray

"The ox representative arrived at the scheduled time. He gave us a very reasonable estimate and helped us design a custom color. Our new garage floor was installed in less than a week, and it is beautiful"


"The whole process went without a hitch OX FLOORS were on time and delivered exactly what I wanted. I did not think my Patio floor could look this good, was well worth the money. Outstanding company and product they delivered"

Chad McPhetres

"Best company I have done business in a very long time. They actually care about all aspects of business, customer care, professionalism, and most of all product they deliver. Great company, highly recommend them. Thank you Lee!"